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How To: Pick The Perfect Size & Style Rug for Your Space

Awesome Area Rugs For All Budgets

Ready to add some interest to your space? Rugs are one of the best ways to add warmth, style, & interest into your space. The right rug in the correct scale can define, transform, & complete a space. Shopping for the perfect rug sometimes requires a bit of knowledge but you've come to the right place. We excited to share our designer guide to help you choose the right rug as well as our tried-and-true favorites.


During my recent visit to Jaipur's Rug Showroom, I was impressed by the quality, variate, styles, & types available to us today.



Individual knots are hand‑tied on a loom, one row at a time by experienced artisans, resulting in beautiful, heirloom-quality designs.


Handwoven or hand-loomed rugs are

made on hand-operated looms.

Typically, low-to-medium pile.


Individual tufts of yarn are hand-punched through pre-woven fabric with a tufting gun to achieve a soft-to-the-touch, plush pile.


Machine-made on electrically

powered looms, these offer

beautiful designs at low cost.

Some of My Favorite Rugs From My Showroom Visit



is a great option to source affordable area rugs with a variety of sizes.

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is another great option for affordable area rugs with a variety of sizes & usually with quick shipping if an item is in stock.

When shopping for a rug, consider first the shape, size & configuration of your room. Just make sure that the rug is large enough to address the area it will be used - hence an area rug. If a rug is too small it will seem underwhelming, cramped & not design curated. There's nothing great about seeing a postage-stamp sized rug that works better on an envelope instead of your floor.

The same thought process is the same for a rug that is too large for the space. It's as if you were wearing clothes 5 sizes to big...nothing tailored about that. It's important to take measurements, if you don't own at least a 20ft tape measurer, today is a great time to invest in one.

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There are different options depending on how you arrange your furniture. You can choose only the front legs of each furniture piece on the rug, all furniture legs on the rug or all furniture off the rug besides the coffee table. If you prefer all furniture off the rug but legs touching, make sure the rug is at least as wide or wider than your sofa.

(Use our Rug Chart Below for a Visual Reference)

Once you have decided on your ideal layout & size, you can use painter's tape or even a flat bed sheet to simulate the rug placement. There's nothing like a good visualize before you buy.


You will take a use a similar process when choosing a rug for your bedroom. The shape, size, location of doors, & other pieces of furniture (ottomans, benches, & dressers) can dictate your rug size. If a rug is too close to your door you may not be able to open the door without the rug interfering with its function. You want the rug to be large enough with at least 12 inches of extension beyond furniture pieces that will sit atop your rug. So, measure, measure, measure & write down your measurements. We always recommend choosing a rug that extends 12 to 24 inches on each edge of the bed and the rug should be at least halfway under the bed.

When you add the right rug to your space it brings a special quality & level of design. As an Interior Designer I feel that in a space where a rug is truly applicable, a room is left incomplete if one is not added. Rugs bring a certain dimension & depth to a home. Some rugs are so beautiful, it's like adding artwork to your floors!

This one is on my Wishlist!!!! I have sourced a few gorgeous pieces to help you jumpstart today.


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