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Discovering Your Style: Modern Farmhouse...Hot or Not

Where did Modern Farmhouse come from? In my opinion, Ms. Farmhouse started dating Mr. Minimalism. They got married, had a baby hence Modern Farmhouse was born. It has the comfort, coziness & charm of farmhouse but the elevated refinement, restraint, & modern twist of minimalism that reflects current times. We all know farming has been around since the dawn of man, so farming as well as its style has always been in our psyche. People who have never been on a farm have fallen in love with this design style.

Some driving forces who have cultivated this style have been Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper as well as Syd & Shea McGee of McGee & Co. Both have taken this style to the masses. Will it have longevity? Only time will tell but if your heart just pitter-patters every time, you see Modern Farmhouse, it just might be the style to help you live & be your true authentic self.

Black Accents via Easthill Interiors

Modern Farmhouse is characterized by clean lines (traits from Minimalism), neutral color palettes, open floorplans & A-Frame Architecture. A style that lives by "I may be refined but you don't have be afraid getting comfortable". It also leans towards the use of lighter woods & black accents.

A-Frame Architecture

Black Accent are introduced in varies ways like, furniture pieces, light fixtures, hardware, & accessories.

So how do you achieve the Modern Farmhouse Design Style?

Incorporate Clean Lines In Your Space Via Sofas, Tables & Chairs via Kari Beckett Design

Shiplap On The Diagonal via Farmhousestylebook

Add Shiplap but install it in a different format not in usual vertical run patterns

Use A Neutral Color Palette To Keep It Light & Airy via Oakhaven Home

Explore here for stylish Modern Farmhouse furnishings.

Light Woods & An Open Floorplan Are Highlights Of Modern Farmhouse via Cindy Shockey

via Studio McGee

Lighter woods used in furnishings & flooring are favored in the design style.

When selecting pieces think about style

& Character, they can add to your the images to explore more

Fabrics can also reinforce the beauty of this style. Choose fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, chenille & leather.

Linen & Chenille


Another important element to consider is the use of black wrought iron. It can embellish staircase railings, doors, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, doorknobs, & window frames.

Last but not least is an understated star in this design style - Matte Rustic Pottery, plays a huge role in pulling it all together.

Simple Oversized Matte Rustic Pottery Completes This Space

If you feel an emotional connection to Modern Farmhouse, you will be able to find products to achieve your dream home because this design style is HOT! I have sourced a few gorgeous pieces to help you jumpstart today. Stay Style Savvy😘

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