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Michael Kors' Glam Jasmine Fragrance

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Michael Kors Glam Jasmine was released in 2013 as a part of a beauty & care product line that included Sporty Citrus & Sexy Amber all meant to compliment unique colors of accompanying make-up items. Create by Harry Fremont & described as glamorous, alluring & overtly feminine. The tall glass flacon is a simple & clean shape adorned with a golden colored cap.

The notes of this fragrance open with black currant wrapped in white flowers that tame the fruitiness, morphing into a bright burst of jasmine. It settles down bended beautifully with sandalwood. Despite only having four notes, it still stands out with lighthearted jasmine as the star.

What Drew Me To This Fragrance?

I typically don't let seasons dictate when I wear a fragrance. If I'm in the mood to wear a scent, I wear it. Glam Jasmine is a scent that's really perfect for a summer event or soiree, but it can also be that signature clean classy scent worn year-round. I like how the jasmine comes off as a delightful classic & bright...a simple pretty floral, not to sweet or dark like some jasmine fragrances. If you adore jasmine, this one is uncomplicated & a compliment getter. I've had MK's Glam Jamine for about 8 years & happy to have it as a part of My collection.

Is It Worth The Cost?

Longevity is an easy 5 plus hours on your skin, longer on hair & clothes with no need to over spray. It's well balanced with a good sillage. People can detect it without coming to close but one that leaves a nice scent trail with your movements. YOUR skin is always the true ingredient in how a perfume will perform, so do your test runs.


This fragrance is available in concentration of EDP (Eau De Parfum) in 3 sizes.




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