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Gucci's Bamboo Fragrance

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Not new on the fragrance scene, Gucci's Bamboo was launched in Spring 2015 & named after an existing collection of accessories. Said to be designed for a modern, confident, feminine, multifaceted woman. Created by Gucci's in-house designers, the glass Art Deco bottle is in the shape of a cut diamond with a polished silver cap, gives it the bamboo signature.

The notes of this fragrance begin with citrusy accords of Bergamot, leading to middle notes of Ylang-Ylang, Casablanca Lily & Orange Blossom, finishing with intense base notes of Amber, Sandalwood & Tahitian Vanilla. To me, Gucci's Bamboo does not smell like bamboo, nor does it have that ingredient in it.

What Drew Me To This Fragrance?

It's light & airy with some woody notes.

The combination of the lily & orange

blossom are pleasing & balanced (not too much lily). This fragrance is not overly floral, sweet or spicy. Great to wear to work, an event or summer night. I think it's versatile for all ages. I've had Gucci's Bamboo for almost 6 years & happy I added it to my collection.

Is It Worth The Cost?

Longevity 6-7 plus hours on me. Sillage is moderate, not overly powerful but leaves a slight scent trail. But YOUR skin is the actual ingredient to how weak or potent any scent can be, so do your sample test runs 1st.


This fragrance is available in concentrations of EDT (Eau De Toilette) & EDP (Eau De Parfum)

with accompanying body lotion, shower gel, & deodorant.




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