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Discovering Your Style: Minimalism...Hot or Not

Discovering your design style is a journey that should be enjoyed. On the road of discovery, there can be a lot of twists & turns (via hand-me-down furniture pieces) before your home, your space is a true reflection of personal style, self-expression and things you love. In the beginning people may not know what their true style is but most of us know what it is not.

Minimalism is characterized by very clean lines & simple shapes. A style that lives by less is more. The few items used in a space are very refined. Objects selected follow form and function never fuss.

Neutral Color Palette

Everything in these spaces must play a purpose. Minimalism is rooted in an Arts Movement in the 1960's but later expanded into design & architectural aesthetics associated with simplicity, neutral color palettes & clean lines.

So how do you achieve the Minimalism Design Style?

Clean & Tidy Surfaces

Clean all surfaces of clutter less is more.

Create a neutral base...

using colors from biscuit to greige.

You can explore these awesome chairs for a stylish & clean minimal design

Invest in statement pieces...

Chose quality over quantity - sofas, consoles & tables

Live by "One In...One Out" philosophy

Use different textures in similar tones

When selecting pieces think about Artistic

& Sculptural beauty, they can add to your the images to explore more

Prioritize functionality and style...

Use restraint when accessorizing letting design elements play supporting roles instead of being main characters in your space

Lighting fixtures can be an

easy way to incorporate function

& re-enforce The Minimalist Style

Incorporate natural elements to help balance & keep your space from feeling sterile & frigid

Use natural light as a backdrop to your design

The biggest thing is...keep it simple. Minimalist Design doesn't have to be cold & boring but when done well this design style can be beautiful, warm, rich & inviting.


Click on any of the images to jumpstart your journey to creating a Minimalist Style Savvy Home!

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