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Ceiling Fans - The Unspoken Hero

Tips To Help You Select A Suitable Ceiling Fan

With so many options available choosing a ceiling fan can be daunting. What factors should you consider before making a purchase?

Function -

Ceiling fans don't lower the room's temperature. They cool by creating a breeze in your space.

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Tip - Best placement for fans are over beds, above family rooms & outdoor covered decks & patios

Get The Right Height -

Low ceilings 7ft - 8ft Use flush mount or ceiling huggers

Average ceilings 8ft - 9ft Using the supplied hang rod should do the trick

Tall ceilings 9ft & Up Extension rods are available from 12" to 72". They will help lower the fan to an optimal position within the space. Shop Here for rods sizes 12" 18" 24" 36" 48" 60" & 72"

More Ceiling Fans - Styled with down rods

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Size Matters - By selecting the correct size ceiling fan for your space, allows for proper air flow & circulation. The room size chart below will help in your selections.

Room Size

Fan Size

Up - 75 SF

36" Fan or Smaller

75 SF - 144 SF

36" - 42" Fan

144 SF - 225 SF

44" - 50" Fan

225 SF - 400 SF

50" - 54" Fan

Even Larger

60" - 80" Fan are available

Your In Control - Consider if you want to operate the fan from the wall switch, pull chain or remote control. These choices will factor into the cost. All of our fans in our home are operated with a remote (not that I'm lazy LOL), it's just more convenient.

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Tip - Just make sure to have separate circuits for the fan & light so they can operate independently based on the type of fan you purchase.

Form - There are so many styles of ceiling fan available now more than ever before.

If you still have a ceiling fan with the Monstrous Eyes...

Monstrous Eyes

It may be time for an upgrade. I recently posted a poll about ceiling fans. Click here >>> to read poll & vote

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Check out more On Trend Ceiling Fans to compliment your home's Savvy Style.

I hope my blog post helps in selecting & upgrading your ceilingscape with a new beautiful ceiling fan.

Stay Cool!

Hugs & Love

The Southern Girl

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